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Classic original stressed replica u boat watches through time and space

Le 23 octobre 2013, 05:55 dans Humeurs 0

U Boat on the basis of the theory of architecture, with the concept of three dimensional cube, which keeps the same volume of space, has extensibility of visual effect, the new U Boat happy timing concept table and square happy timing wrist watch, the abstract feeling of space and the future into tangible entity, breakthrough clock process arrested again.

U Boat, launch a belongs to the concept of future table ─ U Boat happy concept table; With the latest technology with originality, use the TR90 in aerospace science and technology for the first time, this kind of material of the transparent thin, create a floating on the surface of the digital visual effects in the air. Using TR90 material surface by a special lighting effects, show on the chessboard case grain machine board, you can appreciate movement inside the screw and the gear, at the same time retain the can't completely perspective of mystery. In the case, the use of titanium material, its features as hard as stainless steel, but weight is lighter stainless steel 45%, at the same time allergy, and 100% can be recycled to use, conforms to the modern concept of environmental protection. In addition, the band also future concept, with a strong powerful carbon fiber, can withstand strength of the weight of 250 kg. U Boat happy concept table, watch in the ergonomic design, easy to operate, the whole table structural strength, innovative material, make its wearing light with a sense of science and technology in the future.

El Primero movement, is synonymous with magnificent in the tabulation process. It is the first to precise timing to one over ten of a second timing movement. In 1969, when the eyes of the world are watching the television screen, hold one's breath when witnessing the Armstrong land on the replica Bvlgari, the U Boat El Primero movement also born in the year 400, has over 40 years. It has created another peak, tabulation industrial as its loud name, in any place, El Primero is based on the spirit of humanity and science and technology, on the basis of transfer is U Boat on the tabulation technology of excellence and exquisite. Focus in the field of professional, insist on not any concession on any tiny detail, make the El Primero movement this extraordinary masterpiece. It is the perfect combination, acme process in tiny space, whether it is a movement or any parts, would need to be absolutely stable and accurate.

Today, El Primero movement in the field of timing stopwatch occupies very important position, it is the foundation of everything. Since 1969, the U Boat created by tabulating legend - El Primero movement to celebrate the 40th year in 2009. Special launch two limited memory replica Corum, praise again this top technology, are U Boat timing stopwatch KeKuan anniversary of watch. U Boat will be relaunched stainless steel design, at the same time, design manufacture and K gold material model in the 21st century the most important of the titanium alloy material design. We want to use the most unaffected attitude, proud to introduce you to once again this tabulation technology in the real story.

U Boat timing stopwatch replica watch the El Primero 469 automatic machine core, named after 469 is in memory of the year, when the brilliant first El Primero movement was born, at the time to write a new page of history TAB industrial. El Primero 469 movement to date shows that automatic stopwatch, composed of 278 parts and 31 rubies. This limited table is divided into three different series, gauge diameter of 40 mm load with three different case material, they are derived from El Primero movement the most original design replica Vacheron Constantin watches, also make collectors have been flocking to the classic watch.

U Boat watch is El Primero carrying 4021 automatic machine core, smelting in surface set at 7 o 'clock position with El Prime movement mark the 40th anniversary of its factory emblem, and impressed on transparent bottom cover after the words corresponding to each other. These people are in the design of special eyes shine for it. This a series of face plate has a limited watch stripes, a symbol of the 40th anniversary of the particularly memorable. Limited memory of face plate bright eye provision which is a symbol of from 1969 to 2009, the U Boat used by traditional lines. Traditional lines consisting of a 70 s style color, emphasize its classic original through time and space: red represents vitality, purple is a symbol of true love and beauty, and the sanctity of the orange is synonymous with freedom.

Up in the fashion pursuing replica u boat watches adds more luxurious distinguished top quality

Le 23 octobre 2013, 05:54 dans Humeurs 0

U Boat launched a new sports watch series, shot with bold design, cutting-edge technology and unique style, cast an hour meter on the altar table shake up, whether U Boat masculine, or U Boat bold, have set off a heated discussion about aesthetic and mechanical replica u boat watches. This year, the U Boat series not only the continuation of the masculine new dynamic external style, strong solid internal tabulation skills and exclusive development of material, at the same time more aid to the top of the wrist watch luxuriant sense, combine sport, fashion and delicate texture, with rose gold to DEFY new series, at the same time as the top sports watches to write down a new definition!

U Boat to like extreme sports car dynamic appearance attractive eye! Masculine and fluent line draw the outline of the U Boat for sport watches only unique creativity! Both fashion and associate the appearance of the U Boat, whether to engage in leisure activities or on formal occasions to wear, can reflect the wearer's unique uncommon temperament. This year, in addition to the stainless steel design, U Boat more adopting the rose business parthers for full range of watches, for U Boat outside move feeling and fashion adds more luxurious distinguished top quality.

New U Boat rose gold style not only USES the top 5 n rose gold for material used in the casing, at the same time, face plate time scale, pointer, dynamic storage instructions and timing clock face plate, and the unidirectional rotating bezel all with rose gold production, increase the precious value of wrist watch, will sport watches collection YiPin up to the top level. And on the appearance design, U Boat show a contrast sharply style, black and white two color on the face replica Audemars Piguet, elegant Paris nail lines by extending outward to strap the central ring, is still the biggest characteristic of its can readily identify, design combined with stainless steel and rose gold, build a more rich stereo feeling, at the same time more apply to the rubber band and genuine leather strap, not only the wrist more harmonious aesthetic feeling, and diverse materials selection also let different occasions to wear a boost.

Rose gold material shine let U Boat watch yi yi is unripe brightness, and complex performance of blessing to the sparkle out of the top sports to be the king of the wrist watch! U Boat this year the tourbillon wristwatch, internal loading U Boat made for its new 4035 El Primero sc flywheel movement, match the shapes of bold innovation, is bound to become collector pursuit of dreams!

In addition, the U Boat the tourbillon watches the most amazing place, lies in the fixed frame of the tourbillon bridge plate, U Boat star with the brand logo design inspiration, clever combine surface plate and the tourbillon framework. Through hollow out meticulous rose Venus type bridge plate, can catch a glimpse of El Primero 36000 RPM high speed the tourbillon movement rotates the sublime beauty of rhythm, perfect as the night sky shining bright stars; And next to the star tuo flywheel replica Franck Muller watches plate is clever attached practical date display. U Boat the tourbillon watches also precious rose gold as the material, whether watchcase, table, or timing, pointer, face plate timing face plate with star bridge plate, as well as solid rose gold to honor these wrist watches the value of the rare.

U Boat the tourbillon watches with black, white dichromatic face plate to choose from, with design criterion with rose gold and stainless steel smelting mutual set off, the surface plate extends to the devil with Paris nail grain design, not only makes the whole watch reveals the rich administrative levels sense, but also show U a Boat eye's unique aesthetic strength.